Refund Policy

  • All refund requests must be made by the attendee or credit card holder. Refund requests must include the name of the attendee and/or transaction number.
  • Authors may ask a refund if they want to be cancelled from any event organized from Luna Global Media in collaboration with our partners.
  • All cancellations and requests for refunds must be submitted via email to
  • Cancellations received within 10 days of registration may be eligible to receive a 100% refund.
  • Cancellation received after 10 days of registration will be eligible for 50% refund.
  • Cancellation received 10 days before the events date will be not eligible for refund.
  • Authors may ask a refund if they paid for publication in one of Luna Global Media Journal or in our partner journals.
  • Withdrawn articles received 10 days before the publication will be eligible to receive 100% refund.
  • Withdrawn articles received after the publication of journals will be not eligible for refund.
  •  All returns to Luna Global Media must meet all of the following applicable criteria.
  • Returns accepted on product purchased directly from Luna Global Media only.
  • Customers may return product 30 days past the invoice date.
  • A copy of the original Luna Global Media invoice must accompany each return.
  • Products must be new, unmarked and packaged to insure receipt in condition suitable for resale.
  • Products with manufacturing defects are accepted for return regardless of date purchased.
  • Claims for product damaged in transit must be reported to Luna Global Media within 60 days.
  • If customers received a wrong item (eg. different journal or proceedings) Luna Global Media will ship the correct item free of charge. No return of the wrong copy is required.

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