digital marketing


digital marketing

Social Media Exposure

Social media can help you carve out an online niche for your own unique voice and enable you to share your writing with readers across a variety of channels. Used well, it can develop into a powerful, self-propagating engine for generating widespread interest in your writing.
Project will run for 2 months and you get to choose 2 social media platform to focus on.

Web Design

(Basic Setup)
(Interactive Setup)
(E-commerce Setup)

Book Review

Getting your book reviewed by 3 top review company (GoodReads, Bookish and Booklist) is a crucial step in your book marketing strategy. Positive reviews tell readers that your book is worthy of their time, entice your potential audience with plot descriptions, and give you instant credibility. Reviewers help book authors to get feedback, useful for future development, and to know the success or failure of their books.
Reviews can also help course teachers to choose one book over another or warn them off certain books.

Content Marketing

(3 months)
Content marketing involves creating and distributing content—text, pictures, multimedia— that adds value for your audience, instead of just broadcasting an advertising message. ‘Content’ can mean social media posts, blog articles and fun videos; , it might also be more white papers or reports, webinars and educational videos.


(3 Months)
Search engine optimization does what it says on the tin: optimizing for search engines! This means creating content that people are actively searching for as well as making sure that this content, and the platforms where it’s sitting, is optimized from a technical point of view as well.
(per month)
Pay per click is paid search advertising, for instance, Google Adwords or Bing Ads. It looks almost the same as the natural search results, except that it appears at the top of the page with a little box that says ‘Ad’

Display Advertising

(3 Months)
Display advertising, also known as banners, is a lot like the traditional print ads you’d get in magazines, except that they are online, and you can target specific publications that you know your audience reads. It has become much more sophisticated now with programmatic advertising (where ads are booked, analyzed and optimized automatically using algorithms) and retargeting (like when you look at a pair of shoes on your favorite department store website and then those shoes follow you onto every website you visit for months afterwards).

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