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Reading more can be a rewarding goal! Here are some tips to help you read more:

Read more than one book at a time

Sometimes people are scared to read more than one book at a time. But trust me it is essential when trying to read more. No matter how much you enjoy a book, you may not always be in the mood to read it. The best way to date many books at once is to pick ones with very different genres or styles.

Bring a book with you everywhere.

Keep a book with you wherever you go, so you can read whenever you have a few spare minutes.

Join a book club

Joining a book club is a great way to stay accountable when reading. Not only that but it’s a great environment to meet other book lovers, step outside your literary comfort zone, and get a bit more out of a book.

Limit screen time

Reduce the time you spend on screens (TV, phone, computer) and use that time for reading instead.

Don’t force yourself

If you’re not enjoying a book, it’s okay to stop reading it and move on to something else. The goal is to enjoy reading, not to finish a specific number of books.

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